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Most of us struggle to reach a healthy balance due to factors such as lack of sleep, stress, diet, sickness and other health issues. The iTOVi scanner is a tool to help communicate with your body to achieve this balance. The scanner interprets your body’s needs and provides a personalized report of the supplements your body needs for optimal function.

How it works

Electrical Frequency – Did you know that every living thing, and even every non-living thing, has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies? A frequency is the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second, called an oscillation. Through the electrodes on the iTOVi scanner, these frequencies are sent into the skin, inducing a measurable response from the body.

Bioimpedance – Bioimpedance is the process of introducing a stimulus to the body that causes recordable reactions. A small electrical current passes through specific points in the body called biopoints. Biopoints refers to a digital signal associated with certain areas of the body, such as organs, vertebrae and other vital parts of the body.

The Body’s Response – Bioimpedance relies on the body’s autonomic nervous system to elicit reactions. When electrical currents are sent, tissue becomes more or less resistant to these frequencies and the iTOVi scanner measures these reactions.

Algorithm – iTOVi’s method of assessing your body’s reaction is highly accurate. A complex algorithm translates many mathematic equations into easy to understand results.

Report – As the scan ends, the number of unresolved biopoints are recorded, analyzed and compiled into a personalizedreport. Based on the information gathered, the report will recommend supplements to which your body had the best reactionary response.

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What does it tell me?

The score is a breakdown of your unresolved biopoints out of the 270+ biopoints scanned. Based on your unresolved biopoints, the scan will direct you to recommended supplements in order to balance your body to optimal performance.

How often should I scan?

Those looking for supplement recommendations should scan once every 2-4 weeks. This gives users the opportunity to experience the maximum benefits from the products the scanner recommended. Once the user has taken the supplements for the recommended 2-4 week period, a follow-up scan can be conducted for an updated recommendation report.

Some customers like to incorporate a different supplement each day. Users that do this may choose to scan more frequently to learn which supplements are most beneficial at that specific time. I suggest individuals that fall under this category scan every 3-4 days. However, I also suggest that users incorporate the supplement recommendations for a longer period to see maximum benefits.

Who can get scanned?

Anyone! This technology is safe for you, children, and (my personal favorite) pets!


The scanner is highly accurate at measuring and displaying reactions from your body. The bio-frequency scanner’s algorithm follows frequency patterns it sees and takes an overall wellness snapshot at the time of the scan. The scanner determines which supplements are best connected to those frequency patterns.

The scanner measures the reactionary portion of the body, which changes at surprisingly quick speeds. Once the pattern from the scan is captured, the scanner makes intelligent, and personalized, recommendations.

If you run a repeat scan within a short period of time, the technology takes into account your previous scans and recommendations. This is very important. As the scanner gathers more information about your body’s responses, the more intuitive the results become. Over time, past information influences the scan less and less, allowing the recommendations to be impacted by your current needs.

Know your body’s needs – Get Scanned!

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Disclaimer:  The iTOVi scanner does not treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions. Rather the focus of iTOVi is to recommend essential oils and supplements to help the users overall health. Due to the nature of the device, the iTOVi scanner does not require FDA approval as it is not a medical tool.

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