Top 10 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important

We’ve all heard that exercise is important…. But do you know WHY? The “just because” response doesn’t ever work for me personally so I’m assuming that you, my followers, want more evidence to support this statement. This month, I plan on sharing some amazing exercise tips with you. So, I’m starting the month out with my top 10 reasons why exercise is important. So, let’s check those out…

You should exercise, right? 


There are so many options out there for exercise it’s hard to know what you should do, right?

I hear this a lot! So, that’s why I’ve dedicated this month to write about exercise. You’ll learn tips on exercises you can do, how much you should exercise, and more!

But before we get into all the fun details of exercise, I’m dedicating this post to understanding the WHY behind exercise. Why is it important? Why should you do it? Why should you make time for it rather than make excuses to not do it? Why?

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that “Why?” is my favorite question to ask!

Here are my Top 10 reasons WHY Exercise Is Important:

  1. First, for me (probably because I’m a medical professional), exercise has been proven in research studies to prevent non-communicable diseases. These include heart disease, diabetes, and others!
  2. Exercise increases your energy level. If you find yourself fatigued easily, then it could very well be your exercise routine!
  3. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Exercise has been proven in research to make you happy!
  5. Exercise is a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people.
  6. Exercise helps you sleep better!
  7. Exercise helps you have a healthy, strong brain!
  8. Exercise helps your bone health!
  9. Exercise has been proven to not only support your healthy body but to reverse disease processes!
  10. Exercise is good for your soul!


Let us take a healthy journey together this month as we explore the world of exercise!


I look forward to sharing with you!


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