190550_601840719826018_1963134861_n.jpgAbout 9 months ago, I scheduled a personal consultation with Dr. Cori in hopes to figure out how to incorporate physical therapy for my rotator cuff, shoulder and neck…without further strain, damage, etc. This has been an on-going difficulty for me for years now. Her assessment was thorough and she relayed the information in terms that I could understand. She then gave me (6) things to do for physical therapy…within 2 weeks, I was already feeling a remarkable difference. Now, when I slide back to that state of pain I was in…I immediately start with the “tools” she taught me and feel better within 48 hours. I love that she listened to my concerns, taught me some tools to empower “me” to take care of myself and didn’t overwhelm me with a comprehensive protocol. Thanks Dr. Cori for helping me have Better Health!

– Jennifer G.