1928856_100901573260288_5557437_nI went to my primary doctor in severe pain in my hip. I couldn’t move, walk, or function without severe pain. All my doctor did was give me a prescription and a referral to get an X-ray. I reached out to Dr. Cori to ask her if there was anything I could do. After a series of questions, she sent me a recipe for a natural solution to use and she gave me an exercise to do. Within 1 day I was feeling so much better and then within just a few days I’m happy to report I’m pain free. I will be going back to my doctor this week and plan to tell him he needs to refer his patients to Dr. Cori for help!  ~ Don

No More Pain!

I have been working with Dr. Cori for a few months now and the difference is amazing! It’s night and day! I have had breathing problems since I was a kid and my lungs are not strong at all! Dr. Cori took the time to go over my health goals and she put me on a plan that really did help! She’s continued to help support me as I learn more and more about natural options for my health! I’m grateful for Dr. Cori and I highly recommend her for you!

– L.C.

I Can Breathe!

14457336_929628563807849_898292396760181250_nDr. Cori’s knowledge is incredible, yes…however how she uses her knowledge is beyond compare. She is generous, helpful & caring. If I have a question she is always ready & willing to assist me in any way she can.
If she doesn’t have the answer (which is rare) she does the research & gets back to me. I’m grateful to have found Dr. Cori, thank you from my heart.

– Penny H.

Generous & Helpful!

25398888_1499347940185211_3361044017277086972_n.jpgOnce in awhile you meet someone who is dedicated and compassionate about their purpose in life. Dr Cori Campbell is one of those people. She has a wealth of knowledge, is very passionate about helping others and is driven to educate, inspire and treat anyone that crosses her path. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to become more healthy physically, spiritually and mentally.

– Dr. Q

Highly Recommend!

190550_601840719826018_1963134861_n.jpgAbout 9 months ago, I scheduled a personal consultation with Dr. Cori in hopes to figure out how to incorporate physical therapy for my rotator cuff, shoulder and neck…without further strain, damage, etc. This has been an on-going difficulty for me for years now. Her assessment was thorough and she relayed the information in terms that I could understand. She then gave me (6) things to do for physical therapy…within 2 weeks, I was already feeling a remarkable difference. Now, when I slide back to that state of pain I was in…I immediately start with the “tools” she taught me and feel better within 48 hours. I love that she listened to my concerns, taught me some tools to empower “me” to take care of myself and didn’t overwhelm me with a comprehensive protocol. Thanks Dr. Cori for helping me have Better Health!

– Jennifer G.


28276843_10215803345618162_3919211862033127974_nDr. Cori Campbell is a dedicated health care professional. I appreciate that she is so open to natural and traditional solutions to wellness. My husband has used her services to aid in pain management for his bad back.

– Elane H.

Dedicated Health Care Professional!

20637942_10212216129772496_4370635081958845435_nCori is one of the most dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable people I know. As one of my mentors in aromatherapy, she is always there for me, as well as her clients and her team, to enthusiastically educate and empower. I am grateful for her caring support and look forward to many more years with Cori as my colleague and friend.

– Sandy N.

Dedicated and Passionate Mentor!

1899957_10203391132962512_1995154318_n.jpgCori is an amazing wealth of information ! Down to earth and approachable, Cori researches everything, and I mean everything. She has my trust and admiration as a true professional.

– Dawn L.

A True Professional!

Dr. Cori really helps to explain everything to make it easy to understand. She’s a great person.

– Mike

A Great Person!

32207360_10216249044242473_3992292352126353408_nI have known Dr. Cori for many years as a very dedicated Physical Therapist and leader and now see her passion and commitment for helping others achieve their over all health and well being goals. I completely have trust that this amazing lady and friend will be sure I get the best results possible and achieve my optimal level of health. Thanks Dr. Cori.

 – Rhonda B.

Committed To Others!

19243359_10156293943028332_8023326125956284393_oI met Dr. Cori Campbell two years ago when I was at the lowest of my lows thanks to a random encounter in Healthcare Professionals of Pinellas County. How fortunate for me! She is SO resourceful, empathetic, and passionate about helping others at all stages of life achieve their optimal level of health and well-being. She makes herself available to me via phone call, email, and/or text for any questions or concerns I have about using my plant-based medicine for a variety of maladies that I have been managing well including allergies, stress, sleep, etc. Thank you Dr. Cori for being my mentor and friend! I could not have asked for a better wellness advocate!

– Mandy P.

No One Better!

10369193_10203999348494725_1626195991770662101_nThere is no other person that knows more about therapy and natural health than Dr. Cori Campbell. If she doesn’t know something she will look it up instantly and then within 24 hours she will send you a full in-depth paper about what will help you. – Scott


No other person!

“Working with Dr. Cori has been amazing. I’ve been able to make changes to improve my health in ways I never thought possible. She listens to me and makes me feel comfortable as I make these progressive improvements in my life.”    Debbie

Best Decision I made!

36329359_10157480885148332_2726349242686767104_nI’m grateful to have met Dr. Cori. She is responsive to my questions and she truly has a passion for helping others. I love learning from her, I learn something new every time!

– Amanda

Great Passion

Dr. Cori was great! She took her time to listen to me about my pain and do a full body assessment. I had been living with pain for so long that I was just about to give up. Dr. Cori did her physical therapy magic on me and gave me some exercises to do and I felt so much better in just 1 day! It’s amazing what the body can do if it’s provided the right tools to heal! I highly recommend Dr. Cori! ~ Sami

Pain Free!