YAY!!! Check this out! I’ve pulled together a huge collection of my recommended resources to help you be successful on your health and wealth journey.

Consider yourself one of my super VIP Customers with this because this is what I share with my Private Coaching Clients and we help them with success on transforming their Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health and Wellness.

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These will help you improve areas of your lifestyle and allow you to make improvements with new daily habits.

  • Having an amazing water filtration system is a must-have for every home. There are so many chemicals in our water so it’s important to have a system that is proven to clean it, leaving you with just the purest and safest water to drink. This is the best and most affordable water filtration. It comes in BIG (best for families), TRAVEL (best for single/couple/traveling), and also for a shower filter attachment with and without a shower head.

  • Reduce stress, purify the air, and balance the energy in the room with salt lamps and essential oil diffusers. You can get the most tested and trusted essential oils, used exclusively in medical facilities around the world, HERE.

  • Household items you should consider replacing with natural options…


Whole food nutrition is so very important. When you add supplements into your food plan it is purely for that reason, to supplement. This is not intended to replace your food. First, eat real, whole foods. Then, supplement with real, whole food to fill in the gaps in what you’re missing. If you’re interested in learning more about this specific area, reach out to me for a private session.

  • I take a combination of daily lifelong vitality supplements which include all the vitamins, minerals, and cellular health molecules I need for daily health. You can get those by setting up an account HERE. In addition to that, here are other supplements I use and recommend.


Exercise daily but what you do may be different from other people. As with all exercise, be sure to check with your doctor to be sure you’re ready for a fitness plan, and I also recommend hiring a professional to help you along the way. You can choose to connect with me to help this area of your life HERE.

  • Here are a few of the resources I use for my personal fitness journey and I use them with my private clients with amazing success.


I can’t say enough about the importance for journaling. Research proves that writing pen-to-paper on a journal improves your progress with fitness, nutrition, mindset, and overall lifestyle.

  • Here are a few of my favorite journals.


Leaders are readers and reading will strengthen your brain and mindset.

  • Here are just a few of my favorite books and empowerment resources.


Entrepreneurs and social connectors wanting to reach your community virtually will love these tools!

  • These are must-have resources to help your success in business.

Remember that each person is individual. Everyone has different goals and different reasons for wanting to achieve those goals. This is where hiring a coach is so important, so you can develop the plan that will work for you. If you’re interested in setting up your own private sessions with me, connect with me here, and let’s get started!