Staying Fit In Winter

Continuing on with the winter theme this month as we inch closer and closer to cooler weather. It’s best to be prepared with a plan. Do you have a plan? Take a look though this post and you’ll walk away with some great and easy-to-follow tips so you can stay fit this winter.

Tips to Stay Fit in Winter

  1. Take up an indoor sport.
    • Join a spin class or find a buddy to go play racquetball with. If that’s not your thing then join a club league in your area for basketball. Or you could even find a place with an indoor swimming pool or indoor track. All of these options will keep you out of the cold weather elements to get your sweat on!
  2. Go to the gym … or have an exercise routine you can do at home.
    • If you have a gym membership at an indoor gym, awesome! Use it! If you have a membership at a CrossFit gym where they say it makes you tough to bear through all the different elements, awesome! Use it, but if the cold weather is making you skip your CrossFit workouts then find an alternative during the winter!
    • Don’t have a gym membership? No big deal! Make your own gym at home. I have my own gym and there are a few key elements that I recommend a beginner home gym should have … here they are…
      • Cardio machine – great to warm up on those cold days before you do any workouts. You can get a treadmill or stationary bike but my preference is a rower. This my favorite rower.
      • Grab some resistance bands like these and these and don’t forget this awesome one too. They’ll allow you to have resistance built into your program without taking up much space. Plus, they’re super simple to pack in a bag when you’re traveling. I love having items that are multi-use!
      • If you want to continue with some awesome core exercises, then you should have one of these for sure.
      • If you want more resistance with weights then grab yourself a set of these dumbbells, great for upper body, lower body, or anything in between.
  3. Take the stairs.
    • This is super easy to do if you work in a building that has stairs. Use them. Use them as much as possible. If you have a home with stairs then use these as much as possible when you’re there. Go up just to go down and repeat. This is a great way to increase blood flow and shed off some of those cookies you may have munched on but just don’t want to admit.
  4. Dress appropriately.
    • Layers. Dress in layers. Remove the layers as needed during your workout and then, when you’re done, layer back up. This helps to increase and maintain your body temperature, which is especially important when you’re trying to stay fit.
  5. Keep yourself motivated.
    • Keeping track of your activity and your progress will help you stay on track. This works all year long but is especially important during the winter months. A great way to stay motivated is to get yourself one of these.


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