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Website Design

Your website is the front door to your business!

I love using Wordpress personally, and although there are many free or low cost themes available I found it extremely overwhelming to get the whole website thing done since I wasn't very techy. This is exactly why I recommend using this tool to design your website! Not only does it make it simple to design and launch a beautiful website but you don't have to be techy to get it done. Plus, they have a university available with tons of great step-by-step training. It's my kind of website design.

Email Marketing

Connecting to your customers is how you grow!

Emails are essential to your business. This is how you connect with your customers and grow your following. If you're not connecting with them regularly, you don't know what they need from you, and they don't know you well enough to choose to get the help from you. This is the email system I recommend you implement today to start connecting with your audience. 

Website Security

Make sure your new website is secure!

This is super simple to do and set up but if it's not then who knows when your customers are going to go! Eliminate the techy fears and just use this to host your website. They'll make sure it's safe and secure and your audience is getting the value content they need. 

Why does this work?

 ​Check out what Jenny says...

Following the simple step by step system in the resources Dr. Cori gave me made it so much easier to launch my business from home, before I knew it I had my first 4-figure month!

Jenny T

Network Marketing Leader

 6 Secrets To Online Income Success

easy online EXPERIENCE

Secret 1 to growing an online income is to make the online experience for your customers easy. Show them you have what they need to solve their concern. 

Master Secret 1 with this tool

safe online experience

Secret 2 to growing an online income is to make sure the online experience for your customers is safe. This helps ease their concerns and builds trust.

Master Secret 2 with this tool


Secret 3 in growing an online income is to give your audience more value than they asked for! This builds their trust in you and they will come back for more.

Master Secret 3 with this tool


Your own personal limiting behaviors will prevent you from serving the audience you want to serve and it'll hold you back from your success!

Master Secret 4 with this tool


How do you feel about money? Did you know that your own thoughts surrounding money will prevent you from getting any and growing?

Master Secret 5 with this tool

make it awesome

Having cool products available to your audience that you do not have to take up space to hold the supplies is best for you and your customer.

Master Secret 6 with this tool

Funnels - Built FOR You!

 Funnels are everywhere! Sales funnels, marketing funnels, and more funnels. Building them all out on your own can be done but if you don't have the time or the techy experience then this is for you! Take the funnels that are already proven successful and add your information into them and run with it! That's it! It's that simple!  

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