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I want to tell you about my first rescue pup. He’s the cutest, funniest, and craziest ball of fur. He has a personality all to his own. He likes to be independent but yet he’s still drawn to be a complete Momma’s boy! I named him Remmy. But Remmy didn’t come without a story, as most rescue pups do.

I had recently lost my chocolate lab and I was completely devastated. I raised that pup from when he was 6 weeks old. He went absolutely everywhere with me. We were attached. So, his death sent me into a depression. Coming home from work was the worst; he wasn’t there to greet me with his wagging tail and happy face. I was his whole life. Yet, at the same time, he was my entire world.

I couldn’t do anything but cry for weeks on end. Then, one day, someone asked me if I was going to get another dog. I said “NO WAY!” I couldn’t ever think of doing that. I would feel like I was cheating on my lab. He just died. I still had his belongings. How could I bring another dog into his territory? She suggested I look into a rescue because maybe there would be a dog that would need me to help him.

Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in when we can friends that know what makes us tick? That know what we want out of life? That know us better than we may know ourselves in the moment?

This friend pulled at that heart string of mine that wanted more than to wallow in my self-pity but that wanted to help another soul.

So, I started looking through the rescue site photos online. O.M.G!!! There are SO many amazingly beautiful dogs (and cats, horses, goats, and such) available for adoption … available to be RESCUED from a range of abuse, neglect, and even death!

1609765_10153710727655032_866971484_nHere I was falling in love with dog after dog after dog. Then, in some magical moment, I saw this picture of this scared black dog covered in dirt with this pitiful look on his face. I immediately clicked on his profile and next to that dirty picture was another. He was half-sitting, his big tongue hanging out of his mouth, and he had the goofiest look on his face. I fell in love! That was it. Hook, line, and sinker. I was done. I called up the rescue and set up a time to meet the little bugger.






I drive nearly an hour to the foster house, knock on the door, and I’m greeted by a whole bunch of dogs … all rescue pups needing adoption. Out of the corner of my eye, this black ball of fur waddles his way over to me, sniffs at my hand, wags his butt and his tail, and then sits down right next to me. The foster Mom said “He’s been cowering in the corner of the back room for everyone who came to meet him today. It seems he’s picked you.”

And, so it began.

I filled out the paperwork and agreed to come back the next day to pick him up after he’d been neutered. I said my goodbyes to the little guy, closed the door, and listened to him whimper as I walked to my car.

I could barely sleep that night and, right on time, I show up to pick him up. I get him home and we start getting acclimated to his new home. His new water dish, his new food dish, his new bed, and his new toys.


That night would have been happy and blissful but it turned into a sleepless night pretty quick. I soon found out that this puppy, all of 4 months old, was basically afraid of air. He was afraid of everything. Except me, he wasn’t afraid of me. Thank goodness. But everything else, yes.

I read more about his story and found that he had come from a home of an elderly couple. As a new puppy they didn’t mind him, although he had a lot of energy, they found him to be the “pick of the litter.” But, what they didn’t particularly plan on was him getting bigger as he got older and how much stronger he would be. They were unable to care for him how he needed to but they didn’t want to give him up. They kept him locked in a crate all the time. He would get scolded if he knocked anything over. He would get scolded for doing anything really it seemed. One day, the elderly lady made a wonderful decision. She surrendered him to the rescue. She did this because she when she was walking him he pulled on her and she wasn’t strong enough to keep him from pulling her over. Now, the dog posed a danger to her. So, she gave him up. I thank my lucky stars for her decision that day.

1012306_10153731188405032_701135731_nBut, Remmy now needed some serious direction. I thought I’d take him to the dog park to play with other dogs. He’s all excited for a ride in the car. I get him all loaded up and we head off. He seems to be pretty good when we get to the park. There’s a park bench in the middle of the dog play area so I head over there and sit on the top of it. He soon follows me over there and proceeds to dig himself a grave under me. He’s terrified. I crawl under the bench on my hands and knees and hold him. He snuggles right up to me so I pick him up and carry him all the way to the car, load him up, and we go home.

I start working with him day in and day out with calming commands, basic commands like sit, gimme five, etc. He’s getting better. I decide to try to take him to the park again. He gets all excited for the car ride, we get all loaded up and we’re headed there. But, about half-way there he starts pooping.

AUGH the smell! I’m going to pass out. I can’t see. My eyes are running. Seriously! My dog is pooping in my car! OMG!


I turn to look back into the back seat and not only is it poop, this is the runniest diarrhea EVER!!!! How much poop can come out of a nearly 5 month old puppy? He’s still pooping.

Oh wait, now he stopped. Oh, but NO!!! He sat down in it so now it’s on his butt, his feet and his big fluffy super wagging tail. EEEEK!!! This wagging tail is flinging super stinky, crazy runny diarrhea ALLLLLL over the inside of my car. All windows are down so I can’t say that his poo didn’t get flung on some unsuspecting people who may have been enjoying the beautiful day that day.

I turn my car around, barely able to hold in my own vomit, and speed home. I’m sorry to any officer on the road who would have potentially pulled me over because they would have passed out from the stink before they would be able to get out of the squad car anyway!

Safe at home. Remmy gets 2 baths. The inside of my car gets 27 baths. I get 66 showers!

I’m done.

(Oh, and TRUST me, there are absolutely NO pictures of that!!!)

Working with Remmy to help him with his anxiety was very challenging, but I never gave up. He was so good with me alone that I just kept doing little things here and there to help him grow into the dog he was meant to be.

He learned what love was.

He learned what a caring home meant.

He learned that me bringing my hand down to his head didn’t mean he was going to get hit but rather he would get a soft rub on his neck.

This made that poopy car ride worth it. Well, at least more bearable.

But, that’s not to say we didn’t have another episode exactly like that poopy ride. One more time in my car and one time in my husband’s car.

Let’s just say that the people at the car wash place got really big tips those days!

But, I love my munchkin!


He’s all grown up now, and he’ll be turning 4 years old this year. He is a social pup who loves to run and play with me and with other dogs. He has turned out to be quite the handsome pup, if I do say so myself!


He’s still goofy.


He still loves car rides.


He’s still cuddly.

13043443_10156802662020032_8579515334022964592_n (2)


He still destroys fluffy toys in under 2.7 seconds.


He’s still a Momma’s boy.


I HIGHLY recommend adopting. Rescuing him has been so rewarding. It’s been rewarding to know that I have made a difference in his life, and, well, he’s made a difference in mine…. some not so stinky! We’re buds and we both rescued each other!

me and remmy

Do you have a rescue pup? Tell me all about them!!!

I LOVE to hear happy stories!

I hope you’ve enjoyed mine!


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Butter's mom - September 9, 2017 Reply

Love this story!

Angie - August 2, 2017 Reply

Your rescue story sounds identical to mine, even pooping in the car. I had lost my Weimaraner at the age of 13. After he passed, I eventually was ready to rescue a Weim, until my friend sent me a picture of a 7 month old black lab mix that her brother had rescued from an abusive house. After eating through two sectionals (including the wood), severe separation anxiety and numerous other issues, he is now doing SO much better and is very happy!!

Mama Cole - August 2, 2017 Reply

Amazing story. Its so good to k ow there are loving people out there.

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