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Your thoughts, whether positive or negative, affect you. This isn’t new information. I’m sure you already knew that. But to what level those thoughts affect you is so very deep rooted all the way back down to your own cellular biology. Yes, it really does. Your thoughts affect your mind and your body, including every single cell in your body. Surprised? I was too!

We know that our cells divide, all day long, all night long. Of course, as we age, our cells divide at a slower rate but they still divide. I had gone for my life with the assumption that when cells divided in our bodies, the new cell was an exact replica of the one it came from.

It’s a decent assumption, I assume, right?

I’ve recently learned that that is definitely not the case.

I was amazed and seriously blown away when I learned this!

New research connects emotions and thoughts to cellular division.

Here’s my simple break down of my understanding of the process…

Our cells are covered with receptors on the outside. When a receptor is triggered it causes that cell to divide. Now, when you add emotions and thoughts into the mix, the receptor that is triggered is associated with your own emotions and thoughts. That emotion or thought ignites that receptor which triggers it and then causes the cell to divide. The new cell now has more receptors that are connected to that emotion or thought you had.

Here’s an example of how this would work.

You have a thought that you’re telling yourself internally that says “I’m not enough” and cell receptors are ignited throughout your body that triggers all those cells to divide. Those new cells now have more receptors that are connected to your internal thoughts telling yourself you’re not enough. This cycle repeats over and over and, over time, you now have more cells throughout your body with more receptors adding more and more doubt and fear into your life.

They’ve associated this process to how people can become addicted to an emotion such as doubt, fear, worry, anger, etc.

On the other side of the coin, it’s also how people can become addicted to an emotion such as happiness, joy, love, trust, etc.

You can become addicted to either negative or positive thoughts. But just like you can become more of one, you have the power to transform your life to the other.

How will you exercise that power on your own life? 

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