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So many people tell me “I don’t have time.” This is such a common theme with my private coaching clients. Time. It seems so arbitrary right. Can you measure it? Can you manage it? My very super simple answer is … wait for it … No! Don’t worry because I’m going to explain what I mean by that next.

Let’s start out by understanding what Time is. To do this, let’s take a look at the simple Definition of Time, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.

So, that answers my question in the beginning … Can you measure it? Yes!

Now, let’s move on to the next question … Can you manage it?

This is where I give it a big NO!


Because Time is continuous. The hands on the clock keep moving. You can not stop that, slow it, or speed it up. Therefore, you can’t manage it!

So, how could someone say “I don’t have time” when in actuality we all have the same amount of time in each day? We all have 24 hours. We all have 86,400 seconds each day we’re blessed to be alive. So, again, how can someone ever say they don’t have time?

You have to realize it’s not about Time Management …

It’s about Priority Management!

Those people … and it could be you … are not managing your priorities. Trust me, I’ve been there before too! I sometimes find myself in that situation now but now I have the tools I need to manage my priorities so I actually make more Time!

That’s what I want to share with you!

Priority Management is Possible!

It takes a little coordinating and planning in the beginning but once you learn the tools then you just repeat those at specified time intervals or as needed.

I use many personalized tools with my private coaching clients and we have transformed their lives. Some have now made more time for travel, family events, and they’ve discovered other ares that bring them joy such as time to read, exercise, a new hobby, etc. The possibilities are endless when you organize your priorities and open yourself to more time!

Still don’t believe it’s possible? Here’s a real-life example:

Nancy came to me for private coaching. Her primary goal was to increase her passive income through a side business. She wanted to grow her side business enough to support leaving her full time job so she could then expand her business further. Nancy’s primary hold up on how she was going to do this was that she didn’t have enough time. She had to go to her full time job, she had a family, she had her adult responsibilities such as house work, yard work, car maintenance, social commitments, etc. She was frustrated and becoming more doubtful of being able to achieve her goal.

Can you relate to Nancy?

This is when she hired me as her private holistic health coach. We went through all the steps of my private coaching program personalized to her and during one of her sessions she threw her hands up in the air and said “That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I don’t have time to succeed!” I changed our course and had her go through a process to label her priorities. This process took about a week. Before we started, she thought she could only manage 1 hour a week to dedicate to her side business. After reassessing and rearranging just a few things, she found she had an additional 9 hours a week that she could now dedicate to growing her business!


Would you like to find 900% more FREE time to do with as you please!??

The possibility is there!

Start by managing your priorities and then you will transform your life!

My Holistic Health Coaching addresses this as well as so many areas of your life, developing a private and personalized plan just for YOU so you can transform your lifestyle!

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