Is Stress Stressing You Out?

Stress and overwhelm are everywhere. They seem to take over our lives sometimes, don’t they? It can certainly feel crazy at times and of course some times are worse than others but, in the end, it’s stress. What is it and how you’re handling it can make or break your lifestyle. Let’s just dive into that a bit deeper.

Stressors (or the thing/person that’s causing the stress) can come in all shapes and sizes and intensities.

Are all stressors bad? No, not at all.

Does that mean they’re all good? Absolutely not!

So, what’s the deal with stress and overwhelm?

It comes down to one common denominator in your own life and that is … You!

How you react to people and situations can make a stressor turn from good to bad nearly instantaneously.

Your mindset plays such an integral part in how you respond to stress and overwhelm. This includes your verbal reactions, your physical reactions, your emotional reactions, and more.

Do you look at a stressful situation with fear, anger, anxiety, or something similar?

Then you’re making a stressor (good or bad) into a worse situation before you go through it.

Or, on the other side … do you look at a stressful situation with an open mind, an open heart, an understanding mind, an understanding heart, or something similar?

Then you’re making a stressor (good or bad) into a better situation.

You have that power!

So, if you’re going to be faced with stressors throughout your day, week, month, year, and life then why not go through them with an open mind and heart to potentially diminish the damage they would do on your health and wellness?

Remember, you have the power!

All you have to do is exercise that power over yourself!

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