How To Use Facebook Stories For Business

How To Use Facebook Stories For Business

You may have heard about Facebook stories and you may or may not be using them at all. Maybe you don’t know what a story is or what you can use it for. That’s what this post is going to share with you how to use Facebook Stories for your business.

Understand one very important thing … If you have your own business then whatever you’re doing on your social media is you marketing your business.

What is your marketing strategy?

Is your strategy to just throw a bunch of stuff out there into the world to see what sticks?

Do you have a plan or a goal or a vision for where you want to take your business.

Like most of my “How to” posts, you’ll see a trend … Finding CLARITY is hands-down the number one step! … And to think this was the step I was skipping for so many years and looking back on it now it was a huge mistake. So, because of my mistake, it’s my goal to guide you through so you don’t make the same big one I did!

So, back to your strategy…

Is video part of your strategy?

Is attraction marketing part of your strategy?

In this post, you’ll discover what you need to know to succeed with Facebook stories.

Using Facebook stories to grow your business
Grow Your Business On Social Media

About Facebook Stories

If you haven’t used any of the other apps that have stories available (like Snapchat or Instagram) then the Facebook Stories might look unfamiliar. Similar to the content on these other apps, stories disappears after 24-hours.

When you’re on your mobile device, Facebook Stories sits at the top of your news feed right when you open the Facebook app.

You’ll see stories posted by you and your friends. Just tap the story you want to see and it’ll open up to a combination of videos and/or image posts.

You can respond to a story by tapping the “Reply” at the bottom of your mobile device. You can also send an emoji response to the specific story.

Your replies will only be visible to the person who posted the story.

How To Create Facebook Stories

You can create a story with an image, video, or with content you have stored on your mobile device.

Your profile image will appear first on the story line, to the left of the others, with a plus (+) on the top left corner of your image with a title that says “Add to story” Simply click on that to add your image or video. You can edit, add text, add location tags, add people tags, filter the image, and more, all before you post it.

How To Edit Facebook Stories

Once you add to your story, you can edit it. To do this, click on your story to open it up and then click on the three dots ( . . . ) at the top right hand corner of your story. From here, you can delete a segment of your story or save it to your phone.

Expand Your Audience with Facebook Stories
Expand Your Audience With Facebook Stories

How To Use Facebook Stories For Your Business

Now that you understand Facebook stories and how to add to and edit, here are some key tips for marketing with your stories.

Build A Know, Like, and Trust Connection

People connect with others and buy from others who they know, like, and trust. Research shows that a person will be loyal to another if they feel they know, like, and trust someone even if they’ve never met the person. This is where using your Facebook stories will help you build this authentic connection with your followers.

Share bits of your day with your followers. Think of this as your reality show to share with your followers. This is how they get to know, like, and trust you. This is also how they become loyal followers and connections for you and your business.

Facebook stories can grow your business online
Grow Your Business Online

Share Behind The Scenes View

If you have a business that has a fun behind the scenes aspect, share bits of this with your followers. This would build curiosity and excitement as they get to see more about what you do. These resources will help.

Show Your Expertise

Show people what you’re doing that demonstrates your excellent expertise. This can be speaking events, awards ceremonies, and more.

Post Exclusive Offers

Build excitement for launches in your business and post exclusive offers to your Facebook followers. You can advertise special discounts for those who see it only in your stories. I don’t recommend you do this too often, keep ratio of this being about 10% of what you post on your stories, which should be the same as what you’re posting on your Facebook news feed anyway. Any more than that and you’re just spammy.

Find Out More About Your Audience

Use the tools in your Facebook stories to ask questions and build some engagement from your followers. The “Polls” is a great way to do this.

Connect to others on Facebook
Connect on Facebook

These are some simple ways on how to use Facebook Stories for your business


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