How To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

How to grow your business in an hour a day

How To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

So, you want to grow a business or a side hustle but you can’t quite bail from your full or part time job because you still have bills to pay, right? Time is the number one resource we can NOT get back. It’s not renewable. How do you find extra time to actually make that side hustle into something that’ll bring you enough to cut yourself free? I’m going to show you step by step how to grow your business in an hour a day!

Right now you may be thinking “yeah, right!” Or “I don’t even have an hour!”

Either way, I’ll show you just how easy this is! Since I love a good system, I promised in step by step format…. How to grow your business in an hour a day!

Step 1 To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

Get CLEAR on WHY you want to do this!

Before you get started doing ANYTHING you have to be absolutely crystal clear on WHY you want to do it. If you don’t know why then you won’t know where you want to go or what you’ll want to do! If you don’t know why then when things get tough (and, trust me, they will) you won’t know why you’re putting yourself through this or what’s the purpose anyway!

You have to get CLEAR on your WHY!

Your why will be completely different from mine and it’ll be completely different from your bestie’s why! It should be!

Your why will change over time. That’s OK! Flow with it, just as long as you’re staying clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing! This is a key step to learn how to grow your business in an hour a day … don’t skip it!

This is a great tool to use to help you get clear on those goals!

Here are some ideas just in case you have no idea:

  • You want to quit your J.O.B.
  • You want to have more time to spend with family
  • You want to retire your spouse early
  • You want to travel
  • You want to pay cash for a new house/car/etc.
  • You want to have time to volunteer with organizations you’re passionate about
  • You want to pay to rebuild the local community center/church/school/etc.
  • You want to build a non-profit organization to give back
  • You want to buy a farm to house your non-profit pet rescue organization
Journal to help grow your business in an hour a day
This is such a great tool for this step!

Once you’re CLEAR on your WHY then you can move onto Step 2!

Step 2 To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

Are you super clear on your why? Good! (If not, go back to Step 1 and work on it until you are).

Build out your PLAN!

Now that you know WHY you want to build your business all you have to do is build out your plan. This is what will lead you to building your business in an hour a day!

When do you have an hour each day to do this plan? Here are just a few ideas of where I’ve helped people find this time!

  • In the morning before you have to go to work.
  • During your lunch break at work.
  • During your commute to/from work if it’s long.
  • At night after the kids go to bed.
  • During the evening when your family is doing homework/watching TV/etc.
  • During time when you’d otherwise be scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Use this to help you organize all that so you can be successful!

When you decide WHEN you will make this one hour available for your big WHY move onto Step 3!

Grow your business in an hour a day with this planner
Make Yourself A Plan With This Tool

Step 3 To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

Ok, so now you know WHY you want to do this thing and WHEN you’ll make the time to do it (because your WHY is so important to you, remember?)

Now we move into the HOW…

Whether you do this “Power Hour” at one shot, as in all at once, or you break it up into segments based on your WHEN schedule is completely up to you! You can break it up into (2) 30-minute segments or (3) 20-minute segments, or however you want!

Whatever you choose … STAY CONSISTENT!!!

This is how you get it done!

Set a timer … yes, seriously, I mean it! I actually recommend you NOT use your cell phone timer for this because it can be a distraction and you don’t want any distractions while you’re focusing on your work!

Use this super simple tool to help!

The timer is necessary for 2 reasons:

  1. You will work harder and more focused under the pressure of the timer.
  2. You will be less overwhelmed to just stick to the time you set.
Time yourself to stay on track
Use this simple tool to help

When you have your WHY and your WHEN and the HOW you can move onto Step 4…

Step 4 To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day

The WHAT!!!

This is the “meat and potatoes” or the “gravy” or … maybe I’m just hungry as I’m writing this…

This is the CORE that everyone wants to get to … BUT … this will not mean a (%&*#$@!) thing if you don’t do the pre-work in Steps 1, 2, and 3!

Trust me!!!

I know this because for so many years I tried skipping those steps thinking they didn’t matter.

I wasted TIME and MONEY on that piss-poor plan! So I want to stop you from making the same mistakes I made.

If you’re not set on your WHY, and you don’t know your WHEN, and you’re not sure on the HOW then take some time and seriously go back and work on those until you’re clear … then move on to this Step 4.

Quick Question: What will make the biggest impact in your business?

– Just curious?

No matter what business you’re in, I can guarantee it’s getting new customers!

I’ve built my own businesses and know this to be true. I’ve also helped others grow their businesses and it’s still true.

Whether you want to call them customers, clients, prospects, leads, or whatever … no business will grow without them.

There are people in the world that need to know you have something to offer (product or service) that can help them!

So, this is what you’re going to do for your One Hour “Power Hour” to grow your business…


This means you connect with a certain number of NEW people every day. and FOLLOW UP with people you’ve already connected with. Set a number you can be consistent with and get it done in this time block. This can be 1 person, 3 people, 5 people, 10 people, 20 people, whatever you set as your connection goal to get done before your timer bings that bell for you.

This is a great resource to help you keep track of your contacts!

Track contacts to grow your business
Use this tool to help keep track of your connections!

There are a number of places you can find people to connect with and share what you have that can help them, or someone they know.

Tons of Resources!

Check out this list of amazing resources you can use to help launch your business to the next level!

Here’s a PRO-TIP…

Don’t be sleazy about connecting with people. Talk to people but be genuine! Those who are looking to truly help others will be successful, unsuccessful people are only out for themselves. Don’t be that person. Be the person that wants to truly help people! This way when you ask them if they’re open to taking a look at what you have they themselves won’t feel slimy.

Super PRO-TIP…

When you ask someone if they’re open to taking a look at what you have then give them an out. Don’t make them feel that they “need” to say yes to you. There are plenty of people who carry around guilt because they can’t say “no” to someone, especially if they know the person. So be sure to tell them that it’s ok if they don’t want to look at it or ok if they’re not interested.

So there you have it … How To Grow Your Business In An Hour A Day in just 4 simple steps!

I love hearing from you so drop a note below and let me know how this has helped you!

Chat soon,

Dr. Cori


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