How to Eat to Get the Body You Want

Summertime is here and it’s when most people are reaching out to me looking for tips and tricks to help them lose weight or feel better in their skin when they’re getting ready to wear shorts or bathing suits. For any plan that claims a quick result in this area it’s just scary because it’s not good for your health. Let’s see you can eat to get the body you want.

What we want to do is develop daily healthy habits. 

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you what you can start doing right now to make changes and move you into a direction of health and wellness.

First, let’s talk about eating right.

I start here because this is absolutely the most important part of any healthy plan, no matter what your goals are. Your nutrition is your foundation. Think of it this way … if your car needs gas to drive you around, you always make sure there’s gas in it and you always make sure you put good, clean gas into it. I’m sure you’re not filling your car’s gas tank with dirt! But what happens if your car runs out of gas on the highway? Right … it stops moving! 

The same will happen to YOU

This will happen if you starve yourself (don’t feed yourself anything) and it’ll also happen if you feed yourself junk.

Feed your body junk and your body will produce junk results!

Dr. Cori Campbell

I have people that say “but I eat healthy most of the time.” 

Great, that’s awesome. But here’s the thing … even those who have the cleanest of diets often fall short when it comes to meeting their body’s nutritional needs. 

One simple step you can take today is to grab this Nourish Your Body Journal and start keeping track of what you eat. Be honest. Track everything. Yes, even that entire candy bar. Don’t just track your food, also write down what you drink and, most importantly, how you FEEL after each meal. This will help to guide you on your lifestyle plan.

One of the lesser known side effects of a diet composed of mostly highly processed foods is its effect on the gut. You gut microbiome doesn’t only influence digestion but it also impacts your metabolism, weight management, and several other factors. 

This is where it gets complicated and most people get frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed … or all three!

This is where I come in. 

People who work with me get a personalized approach to developing a plan that works for them.

Without a personalized plan or someone helping you navigate through, you will delay your own success. Sure, you can do it on your own, but I have seen it time and time again and they come back to me and then tell me they wished they would have started with me in the first place.

“It would have saved me a lot of aggravation.” one said recently!

So, save yourself the aggravation and get started with your plan today!

Yours in Health and Wealth,

Dr. Cori


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I'm Dr. Cori! I'm a doctor of physical therapy and I'm passionate about helping people elevate their lifestyle in three primary ways; financial health, mental health, and physical health. I take a systematic approach to life and business which makes it easier for you to learn my step by step ways to success.

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