How I Started My Clinical Career Debt Free

For those who don’t me, my name is Dr. Cori. I’ve worked in the healthcare system for nearly 25 years. Over the next few posts, I’m going to share with you a bit about how my journey brought me where I am to day and how my journey can help you, or someone you know, who may be feeling stuck in a clinical position that isn’t bringing them joy and a feeling of purpose. This is how I planted seeds to learn I could be debt free and have financial freedom.

Where It Started

My first introduction into the healthcare field was when I became a pharmacy technician. I worked in that position for a few years but decided that pharmacology was not where my heart was.

For my next step, I took a full time position in sales and management and I also started a part time position as a rehab technician. This is when I realized my heart was in the rehab aspect of healthcare and the business side of life. I took everything I could learn from both of these positions and knew I was going to build on it.

I launched my purpose driven path.

During college, I started a couple of successful small businesses that I ran in my free time. I continued learning and improving my skills in those areas, little by little, I was making progress. Those small businesses, and the work I was still doing in sales, management, and as a rehab technician allowed me to pay for every penny of my undergraduate degree without having to take out student loans.

Students trying to figure out how to get through college without having debt.

The Path to Financial Freedom.

At the time, I didn’t know the impact of what I was doing. In my mind, I was just building, growing, and paying my bills. All I knew was that I wanted to work in healthcare. This is how I would get there. But then I talked to a few of my friends and learned about their loan debt. Just going for an undergraduate degree, they were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Yet, here I was, graduating with an undergraduate degree in biology from a state university at 21 years old, I was debt free, and actually building income.

Check out this post I did where I share my top tips for becoming debt free.

Planting the Freedom Seeds

I honestly didn’t know what all of this meant. All I knew was that it felt good to not have any debt to worry about for myself. I felt bad for those who had built up that kind of debt, especially being so young. Some of them asked me how I got through school without taking out one single loan or building up any debt. All I said at the time was that I did the work needed to get through.

I didn’t know what that meant.

I was young and naive. I had no idea the impact of what I had just done for myself.

But, looking back on it now, nearly 20 years later, I know exactly what I did.

I planted seeds in my own subconscious that financial freedom was possible. Financial freedom was something I wanted to achieve, even way back then when I didn’t even know what I was doing. Knowing that possibility has driven me on the path I’ve been on ever since.

Your future is in your own hands. You just have to plant the right seeds.

Master Choa Kok Sui

Even if you don’t know what exact seeds you’re planting take the time to reflect on your choices today because that is what is building your own future.

Those little decisions I made back then shaped decisions I made and planted seeds for what would keep driving me to reach certain goals.

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Are you in a clinical position in healthcare but you aren’t sure you want to stay?

Next, I share how I started to decide that a clinical position wasn’t what I truly wanted.

Chat soon!

Keep Livin’ the Dream!

Dr. Cori


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I'm Dr. Cori! I'm a doctor of physical therapy and I'm passionate about helping people elevate their lifestyle in three primary ways; financial health, mental health, and physical health. I take a systematic approach to life and business which makes it easier for you to learn my step by step ways to success.

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