How I Saved My Own Life

My health was getting worse, my symptoms were getting worse and even multiplying, and I was sick and miserable. Today I want to share a deep story with you today about how I saved my own life. I’m getting into a bit of real talk about my journey because I want to be able to help others.

In the video I below I explain how over 17 years of health challenges and going through the healthcare system didn’t make me feel any better. I was actually getting worse.

Even though I worked in the healthcare system, my health was declining and I didn’t know what to do to make myself better.

Until this one thing changed…

Have you ever felt like you wanted better answers or better results from a healthcare professional?

I am a healthcare professional yet I didn’t know there were other options. So, knowing this now, I don’t put any blame or fault on the clinicians, I don’t put any blame or fault anywhere really except on ME.

I am the only one who can make changes to my health.

Just like YOU are the only one who can make changes to yours.

If you’re ready to learn about making those changes, check out this information I have available.


About the Author

I'm Dr. Cori! I'm a doctor of physical therapy and I'm passionate about helping people elevate their lifestyle in three primary ways; financial health, mental health, and physical health. I take a systematic approach to life and business which makes it easier for you to learn my step by step ways to success.

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