Create Clarity And Implement Streamline Automation Strategy For Constant Growth In Your Business
3-Month VIP Coaching •
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Inside The Freedom Boss Institute:
Live Coaching
Weekly live coaching with steps and assignments to get you from Idea to Action. We will focus on crushing false beliefs, organization, creating your offer, lead generation for the right customers, and launching your amazing offer... all to get money in your bank account!
Intimate Group
Collaborate with this mastermind group of entrepreneurs on this journey where we become motivators for everyone!
There's no hiding here! You come in with a goal and I keep you moving forward so you stay on the path to target!
"Nobody ever got ready by waiting, you only get ready by starting." - John Maxwell. Taking action is what's between you and your dreams. Freedom Boss Academy will get you implementing so you can get those successes you want... and need!

You’ll walk away from this program with a clear vision about how bringing your business online will earn you the growth you’ve been looking for. 

Join the Freedom Boss Academy for a VIP coaching experience that is designed to take you from business idea to implementation in under 3 months!
The FBI Is For You If...
  • You have a business but you’re frustrated and feeling stuck because you're not growing effectively or getting the income you want.
  • You're thinking of starting your own business - one that gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, but you're not quite sure how to begin.
  • You’ve heard rumors that Social Media is the bomb-diggity to promoting your business online, but you have no idea how to turn this into lead generating money makers.
  • ​You want to learn how to create automation strategies in your business so you can have more time to sit back and enjoy all those things in life you don't want to miss out on.


We go through the simple step-by-step strategy from beginning to end.

We build a business strategy that will grow your business in this market for the long-term and it will serve you over and over. We do not jump on short term tactics and we eliminate shiny object syndrome.

We focus on the lifetime value of your customers so you're getting your customers the results they desire and reaching your financial goals. 

We do all that business strategy and we also incorporate sustaining lifestyle practices to keep you healthy as you grow your healthy business...

So you can live your Freedom Boss Lifestyle!

What Others Are Saying
"Cori truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. She walks the talk and can truly help other entrepreneurs reach the next level."
- Sheilla
"Thanks for walking the path before me, thanks for sharing your magic with the world, and most importantly, thanks for being you! In the few months I've known you you've already impacted my life and business in numerous ways."
- Seanna
"Cori is one of the most inspiring people I know. She gets true joy from helping others reach their goals whether they be in business, wellness, or just being the best version of themselves. What I love about Cori is that she truly cares and it shows. Cori puts 110% in to everything she chooses to do and I'm grateful for her."
- Lauren


          When you join the Freedom Boss Institute ...

  • Commitment: You'll make a 3-month commitment to a high-touch coaching experience to go all-in and build your online framework to grow and scale your business into multiple streams of income.
  • ​Coaching: You will have access to all of our live coaching calls taking you through the process step-by-step.
  • Group: You will have access to our group of motivated, inspiring, and results-driven peers.
  • Accountability: You will have ongoing accountability check-ins to keep you on target to reach your goals.
  • ​Membership Portal: You will have access to our membership site that includes the strategy to create and launch your online framework, complete with worksheets, assessments, templates, and more!
It's time to stop slowly DIY'ing your business and start making an impact!
No More Excuses!

What Is Included In The Freedom Boss Institute

The Freedom Boss Institute is a high-touch, VIP coaching and mentorship program that provides step-by-step strategy covering all three Pillars of Wellness. It is a streamlined strategy that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to create an online framework that will stand the test of time. 

Topics Covered

(selective list)

  • Clarity
  • Mindset
  • Value Ladder 
  • ​Organization
  • ​Time Management
  • ​Social Media Growth 
  • ​Ideal Target Audience
  • ​Freedom Boss Lifestyle
  • Offer Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnels
  • ​Email Marketing
  • ​Messenger Bots
  • ​Organic Traffic Strategy
  • ​Three Pillars of Wellness
  • ​Team Building

Let Me Show You Everything You're Going To Get When You Choose To Join The Freedom Boss Institute


  • 3 Months of Business and Lifestyle Coaching with Dr. Cori ($10,000 Value)
  • Dedicated Membership Site with Unlimited Access ($4,997 Value)
  • Guided Coaching Calls Every Week ($4,997 Value)
  • ​Guided Accountability Check-Ins Every Week ($3,997 Value)
  • ​Step-by-Step Worksheets Detailing Your Framework ($997 Value)
  • Dedicated Group with Unlimited Mentorship ($3,997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $28,965

YOUR COST:  $2,700

Three months from now you can be stuck where you're currently at, or you can have a solid foundation for your business with a strategy to reach your goals for your Freedom Lifestyle.

I believe in YOU!

Dr. Cori Campbell

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$1000 for 3 months

Private Coaching Add-On: Ready to Rocket the next 3 months!? Get private one-on-one coaching calls with me each week during the Freedom Boss Institute to send a lightning surge into your business! Grab a discounted rate for 12 private coaching calls. Only $5,000 with your purchase of Freedom Boss Institute (Normally $10,000). One Time Only Discount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What type of software is used?  I use and coach funnels using ClickFunnels and email marketing with Aweber. You can choose to use these with us or use another system with the concepts taught in the Freedom Boss Institute.
  •  What kind of access do I have to Dr. Cori?  All members of the Freedom Boss Institute will get access to Dr. Cori via live calls. You will also have access to her via the private group workplace. You will have all the support you need. 
  • What kind of payments do you accept?  I offer a discount for payment in full, otherwise monthly payments are available. Payment is preferred through Stripe but Paypal is also available upon request.
  • ​What if I don't like ClickFunnels?  I do recommend ClickFunnels because it is what I use and I can help. I also provide tools and resources as bonuses to my affiliates, but if you don’t like it, use the funnel building software you prefer. 
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