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My step by step methods will transform your lifestyle!

“Without Dr. Cori, I would still be suffering in the same cycle and not getting anywhere. She really helped me launch a successful business and I'm also healthier because of it! I'm so grateful I got started!" - Stacey

About Dr. Cori

Dr. Cori has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and specializes in holistic health, physical therapy, and physical and emotional wellbeing. She also has a business degree and has launched many of her own businesses.

She loves people in both areas, health and business.

Private Coaching with Dr. Cori

Private coaching with me will allow you to get the individualized support and guidance you need so you can be successful. Whether it's a health goal you have or you want to learn better, more efficient ways to earn money from home, these programs are for you.

Having individual support with simple step-by-step systems to follow will help you reach those goals you've been wanting to achieve. 

If you've made some progress but then you find yourself feeling stuck and frustrated then this is the perfect time for you to work with me!

If there's a dream you wanted to achieve or a goal you wanted to go after but you were too scared or you didn't know where to even begin then this is the perfect time for you to work with me!

“Your life isn't going to change until you change something in your life.”

Dr. Cori Campbell

Lifestyle Coaching

My lifestyle coaching programs are for those who want to make improvements in their health and wellness with natural alternatives.

Business Coaching

My business coaching programs are for those who want to start a side hustle or full time business from home and for those who want to take their current home business to the next level of success.

Personalized for You

All of my programs are personalized for you based on your goals and time commitment level to your success.

Could you do it on your own?

Sure, But I Guarantee It'll Cost You MORE!

Could you do your own coaching? Sure, I can't say it's not possible but I can say that I guarantee it'll cost you more money, more time, more stress, and more aggravation to get to the results you want. If you even ever achieve the results you want.

Do yourself a huge favor and speed past those stresses with a coaching program that is designed to make you successful and to achieve the goals you desire. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Solutions that are easy to implement and develop new healthy habits.

Business Coaching

Systems that are designed and proven to bring you to success. 

Step-by-Step Systems

Access to my proven step-by-step strategies and systems.

What clients say about my programs

The simple step by step method was so easy to implement I was able to get started on it right away and start seeing results I hadn't seen in years of me doing the work I was doing before. My only regret is not doing this sooner! 

Jenny T

Network Marketing Leader

Here's Why I do what I do...

Hi, I’m Dr. Cori.

I'm so glad you're hereI am passionate about helping men and women find health and success in their lives. I struggled for years with my own health, despite working in healthcare myself. Through my own journey, I found natural alternatives and daily habits that transformed my life. Those are what I teach people today. I'm also passionately driven to make a difference in people's lives by bringing more of them home with their families and teaching them how to earn part time or full time income online. This transition gives so many people the time and money freedom possible to impact the world. 

Choose a plan that fits your needs

1 Mon​th

Simple, fast and effective 



  • You Choose: Lifestyle or Business Coaching
  • 3 Personalized sessions 
  • Access to tools and resources
  • Start with an effective plan
6 Months

Full system to elevate your lifestyle or your business



  • You Choose: Lifestyle or Business Coaching
  • 12 Personalized sessions
  • Access to tools and resources
  • Elevate your lifestyle or your business


Here are some common questions.

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