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I know May isn’t usually a time where anyone is talking about “back to school” stuff, that usually happens around August, right?
But this time of year is tough on the kids because they’re ending out the school year, getting through those finals or having to do those standardized tests so this is a perfect time to share some healthy alternatives to help them get through!

Mood Management
The ability to influence moods and emotions is one of the most scientifically validated properties of essential oils. Whether the classroom is in need of calming or uplifting influence, it’s an easy way to find the day’s perfect compliment. Is there a lot of stress? Then we have an oil that will help with that. Is there a lot of difficulty focusing? Then we have an oil for that. Do the kids need a calm environment? We can help.
Backed by Research
Research has shown that the inhalation of specific essential oils is associated with uplifting and relaxing feelings, and it may help reduce feelings of emotional negatively and stress. Clinical trials show that inhalation of specific essential oils improves anxious feelings and self-esteem.
At Test Time
Whether it’s a first grader taking their first spelling test or a high schooler facing another AP exam, test time can be one of the most stress-inducing period for any student – and precisely the time when being alert and focused counts. Research has shown that aromatic usage of essential oils can promote an environment conducive to academic performance. Certain essential oils can promote alertness and focus. The studies show that diffusion may be particularly useful at test time.
Taking off the Edge
The uplifting effects of essential oils promote focus necessary to succeed in the classroom. One study found that the inhalation of an essential oil decreased feelings that intense tasks were mentally and physically taxing.
Parents, teachers, and school administrators alike share the same goals: to provide the best environment for children to develop and learn. Due to the profound connection between the olfactory system and moods, emotions, and mental alertness, essential oil diffusion may be an effective method to support that ideal classroom atmosphere. or best results, and to determine the best essential oil to diffuse in your classroom, please message me directly and I will help you with the resources you need.
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