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5 Ways to Detox Your Personal Care Routine

Don’t get comfortable or complacent in your daily routine. Start asking yourself “what am I putting on/in my body, and it helpful or harmful?”

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Essential Chicken Salad

When you hear chicken salad do you think of a green salad with chicken … or chopped/shredded chicken with goodies all mixed in? For me, it’s the latter. I’ve always been a bit picky when it comes to a good chicken salad though. The chicken can’t be too chunky and I personally will refuse a […]

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Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

Let’s have you just a take a little sniff of your pits… …….. smell that stink? What are you using to tackle that stink? Are you using conventional deodorants from the store? Are you trying to find something natural but everything you’ve tried doesn’t seem to work, or maybe you’re finding that the ones in […]

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