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Reverse the Underlying Cause of Aging

Have you ever wondered about the Fountain of Youth?
I remember I went to visit the Fountain of Youth quite a few times in St. Augustine, Florida and the water packed a pretty strong sulfur smell so I wasn’t about to dare drink it. But, was I missing out on some youthfulness by choosing to pass on the drink?
Possibly … but I’d take that chance! haha
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Classroom Healthy Alternatives

I know May isn’t usually a time where anyone is talking about “back to school” stuff, that usually happens around August, right?
But this time of year is tough on the kids because they’re ending out the school year, getting through those finals or having to do those standardized tests so this is a perfect time to share some healthy alternatives to help them get through!
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Calming Your Mind & Body

Do you have stress that you have to deal with regularly? Did you know that studies have found many health problems related to stress? It’s sad, but it’s very true. Stress causes damage to our bodies both physically and mentally. How would you feel if you were empowered to take control of your health? How would you feel if you could do that naturally?

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Your Perfect Stress-Free Thanksgiving

The holidays are quickly approaching. This time of year should bring joy and happiness but all too often we find that it brings stress, anxiety, and bloated tummies! I’m going to share with you some easy things you can do to have a better Thanksgiving, and holiday season. Are you ready for this?