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5 Ways to Detox Your Personal Care Routine

We can get pretty complacent in our daily routines because we find a particular product that we like and use it every day without giving it a second thought. Then you realize you’ve only used it out of habit and it’s not actually doing you any good. We may be comfortable with our routine but it’s important to ask “What am I putting on/in my body?”  Here are five tips to detox your personal care routine and pitch those chemicals out of your home.
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Reverse the Underlying Cause of Aging

Have you ever wondered about the Fountain of Youth?
I remember I went to visit the Fountain of Youth quite a few times in St. Augustine, Florida and the water packed a pretty strong sulfur smell so I wasn’t about to dare drink it. But, was I missing out on some youthfulness by choosing to pass on the drink?
Possibly … but I’d take that chance! haha
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Breathe In Spring

Spring!!! This is a time of new … new growth, starting over, and, for some, it means those seasonal threats.
But this Spring I share some tips of How to Breathe in Spring and Defend Yourself Against Seasonal Threats
During the winter months we can tend to dream of warmer days and thawing out but when that actually happens it also brings out other things like insects and dander and pollen.
Here are my simple tips for this season:
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5 Simple Tips To Reduce Stress

5 Simple Steps To Reduce Stress: Have you ever been stressed? Life can get pretty crazy, right? Well, stress is an unavoidable part of life. We have simple ways to reduce stress so it doesn’t have to seem so difficult. So, all of us at some point will have too much on our plates. I used to say my life was a bowl, not a plate, because it needed to catch more before it spilled off the edge! Have you ever felt that way?

But, there is a better way and it’s through using different techniques and practices, we can all learn how to handle our stress and find more peace in our day-to-day lives.

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3 Weird Secret Ways to Lose the Extra Fluff

Have you ever wondered how some people can shed the weight, sometimes without seeming to struggle with it at all? Well, for some it seems to come easy and for others it seems to be a bit more difficult. There are many factors that go into that including your genetics, foods you eat, how and when you exercise, and so much more. But there are some secrets you can take advantage of starting today…

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How to Detox Your Liver After the Holidays

Detoxing your body is important but it’s especially important after the holidays. I’m sharing a super simple tip that you can start incorporating today to start helping your health right away.