Breathe In Spring

Spring!!! This is a time of new … new growth, starting over, and, for some, it means those seasonal threats.
But this Spring I share some tips of How to Breathe in Spring and Defend Yourself Against Seasonal Threats
During the winter months we can tend to dream of warmer days and thawing out but when that actually happens it also brings out other things like insects and dander and pollen.
Here are my simple tips for this season:

1. Breathe Deeply
One of the best parts of spring is walking outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air. But if your airways aren’t clear then this becomes difficult. I use a blend of essential oil specifically blended together to support the respiratory system. This opens my airways and works with my body to fight against any threats or reactions. I love using this blend in my shower for a super spa like experience, plus it really wakes me up in the morning!
2. Stop the Sneezy
With all the pollen, dander, seeds, and new dusts floating all around it can send your body into a full on sneeze attack. Have you ever had one of those? I think the most sneezes I did in a row was 9! WOW! But ever since I started using a simple essential oil mix that I mix up and take a couple of times a day (up to 4 times if it’s a particularly bad day) then I’m able to keep all the sneezing away.
3. Bug off
Have you noticed all the new bugs crawling and flying around? When I go outside not only do I see all the pollen flying by my face but also lots of bugs of all sizes. What I love about seeing this is that I know they won’t be landing on me or my dogs because I use certain essential oils to naturally repel them. This means that our dog walks in the park, hiking, or trips by the lake are more enjoyable.
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