History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has become very mainstream, especially recently. And, along with that, are many calling it “alternative” or “non-traditional” treatment or medicine. In the sense that what we think of as “traditional” or “modern” treatment or medicine I guess it could be said that aromatherapy, herbs, essential oils, and the like are “alternative,” but have you ever thought that maybe these forms of medicine aren’t so non-traditional?


The Benefits of Exercise

I’m sure you’ve probably heard it before but there are truly benefits to exercise. Exercise can start to put you in charge of your physical and mental health. Can you imagine being able to take control of your feelings, your emotions, and your physical self? How empowered would that make you feel? Let’s take a look at how you can actually put yourself in the driver seat for your future…


Managing Your Headaches

Having a headache can be debilitating, can’t it? You miss out on work. You miss out on things with friends and family. Maybe you miss your child’s play or sports game. You end up isolating yourself from people you love. Are you tired of having the pain and limitations? Let’s discuss how you can manage these headaches and start to really enjoy your days…


Allergies and Your Natural Options

Do you suffer from allergies? Do you know someone who does? If you do or you know someone who does then you can understand the pain. The stuffiness, the sneezing, the itching, and even more! Sometimes traditional treatments don’t actually address the root cause of the problem, so what would?


Adrenal Support After Stress

Sooooo … Now that those crazy holidays are over … I have a serious health tip for you! The presents are all unwrapped, the food has all been eaten, the holiday parties are all over, and, while your sanity may have been sparred, your adrenal glands were not! Your adrenals are responsible for regulating stress in your body. And those suckers have been working overtime the past few weeks, at least! I think we can all agree that the holidays are a mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting experience. But, what can you do now to support your body?

Copaiba Essential Oil For Your Pets

Copaiba Essential Oil is absolutely amazing! It is versatile by supporting multiple body systems which helps to bring the body to a more restful, balanced state. This oil is safe for all ages of all animals, including humans, dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and birds. In order to understand how Copaiba affects the body, we need to take a closer look at the chemistry.

Three Inspiring Stories For Your Soul

Have you ever set out to achieve a goal, doubting yourself along the way, and yet came out at the finish line beyond anything you imagined was possible? These 3 stories I’m going to share with you will open your eyes to hope, possibility, and opportunity. I am sharing them with you with hopes that they would also inspire you! I am sharing them with you because it is my passion to help others, and I’m blessed to be living that passion.


Your Perfect Stress-Free Thanksgiving

The holidays are quickly approaching. This time of year should bring joy and happiness but all too often we find that it brings stress, anxiety, and bloated tummies! I’m going to share with you some easy things you can do to have a better Thanksgiving, and holiday season. Are you ready for this?


5 Sources Of Toxins In Your Home You May Not Know About

How would you feel if you could go through your home and know the products you’re using are actually healthy, and not causing damage to you, your family, or your pets? What would that be worth to you? For most people, we have no idea that some of these common products in our homes are truly causing damage. How many of these products could you replace?


Stay Calm In The Chaos

Do you ever sit back and look at yourself and say “WoW! Who’s that person?” I mean, really looking at yourself and coming up with that. You’ve become this stressed out, tightly wound up person that could be calm one minute and then screaming the next. You’ve become the person with no patience for anything at all. Have you ever felt like that? I’ve felt that way! …. Here’s what I did about it …