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My Steps to A Non-Clinical Career

After my health declined enough to wake me up I realized I needed to find a new path for my future. I realized I wanted a non-clinical career. This is when I started to think about and really put in the effort to launch my business. I started by building it as a side hustle […]

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What I Learned As A New Physical Therapist

I am pretty much an idealist. I like to think about all the good that can come from a situation. Sometimes I get frustrated because a different system just isn’t bringing that idealistic world together. the healthcare system is this way because it’s broken. Have you ever wanted to do something great and then come […]

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How to Eat to Get the Body You Want

Summertime is here and it’s when most people are reaching out to me looking for tips and tricks to help them lose weight or feel better in their skin when they’re getting ready to wear shorts or bathing suits. For any plan that claims a quick result in this area it’s just scary because it’s […]

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9 Copaiba Essential Oil For Your Pets

You’ve probably heard of essential oils, I mean they’re everywhere these days. Not necessarily a good thing … but … with the right education they can be. One in particular has become a favorite of my daily regimen is Copaiba. The research is exploding on what this oil can do, but I just love how […]

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How I Saved My Own Life

My health was getting worse, my symptoms were getting worse and even multiplying, and I was sick and miserable. Today I want to share a deep story with you today about how I saved my own life. I’m getting into a bit of real talk about my journey because I want to be able to […]

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Reverse the Underlying Cause of Aging

Have you ever wondered about the Fountain of Youth? I remember I went to visit the Fountain of Youth quite a few times in St. Augustine, Florida and the water packed a pretty strong sulfur smell so I wasn’t about to dare drink it. But, was I missing out on some youthfulness by choosing to […]

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Classroom Healthy Alternatives

I know May isn’t usually a time where anyone is talking about “back to school” stuff, that usually happens around August, right? But this time of year is tough on the kids because they’re ending out the school year, getting through those finals or having to do those standardized tests so this is a perfect […]

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