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What’s holding you back from success? Have you really spent some of your precious time making it a priority? Is time getting away from you? Let’s discuss Time Management. Is it really possible to “manage” time when, in fact, we all have the same amount of time in the day? The answer is NO, you can not “manage” time. So, why the heck does it get labeled as “time management” and why do you get labeled as having good or bad “time management” skills?


No one can “manage” time. We all get the same amount of it, right? We all start out with 24-hours for an entirely new day at 12:00 AM every single day. What do you do with those hours you’re gifted? This is what separates someone working their hours for someone else and an entrepreneur. It is WHAT we do with the time that truly counts!

So, let’s first start out by scrapping the whole “time management” phrase.

Let’s, instead, call it “Activity Management”.

This also falls in line with one of the most profound personal and professional success strategies ever published, courtesy of the late, Dr. Stephen Covey.

Entitled ‘The Four Generations of Time Management’ (although it relates entirely to activity not time) Dr.Covey stated: “I am personally persuaded that the essence of the best thinking in the area of time management can be captured in a single phrase: organize and execute around priorities”.

On a side note, if you have never read ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘ by Dr. Stephen Covey, you should really get one for your entrepreneurial library. It’s a classic in the personal success field.

Now, let’s discuss how we will organize and execute our “Activity Management”.

You’ll develop a simple table with only 4 quadrants.

IMPORTANT Deadlines                           Crisis                             Problems Relationship Building Recognizing New Opportunities                   Planning
NOT IMPORTANT Interruptions                     Some calls                           Some emails                       Some meetings                   Some reports Busywork                       Scrolling social media     Some calls                           Some emails                         Time-wasters

Quadrant 1:  This represents activities that are IMPORTANT and URGENT. For example: deadlines and problems.

Quadrant 2:  This represents activities that are IMPORTANT and NOT URGENT. For example: Relationship building, identifying new opportunities, self-development and planning.

Quadrant 3:  This represents activities that are NOT IMPORTANT and URGENT. For example: Interruptions, and some calls/mails/meetings.

Quadrant 4: This represents activities that are NOT IMPORTANT and NOT URGENT. For example: Some mail/calls, and pleasant activities.

Making yourself conscious and intentional about your day will bring you the greatest return in your time investment.

When assessing and categorizing your day, week, month, quarter, and year there are 2 separations to your activities you must complete.

  1. Determine what is URGENT vs. NOT URGENT.
  2. Determine what is IMPORTANT vs. NOT IMPORTANT.

An important aspect to note, is that not all URGENT matters are IMPORTANT. In a typical business setting, most people end up reacting to urgent matters without actually assessing and validating that the activity was, in fact, important. Just because something is urgent, doesn’t mean it’s important.

You want to be responding into life, not reacting.

Now, get out there and RESPOND to your life with this great tool!

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Make today FABULOUS!

In Good Health,

Dr. Cori



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Lisa Banter - August 11, 2017 Reply

Dr. Cori, This was for me in both Quadrant 1 &2 as it may not be urgent to some if I do not learn to manage my Activities well, I will never Grow. Thank you so much.

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