Great to meet you, I’m Dr. Cori!


After 7 long, condensed years of college chasing after my dream, I received my doctorate degree in physical therapy. I had chased after that dream since I was 5 years old. As a child I was passionate about helping others and, now, as an adult that passion has only grown. Working in the medical field brought me joy, but at the same time, I felt something was missing.
Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to life?
Is there something BIG out there waiting for you?
Do you have a burning desire to make an IMPACT?
That was me.
As an outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good. Good job, nice house, nice car, but I was completely empty inside. I was in this cycle of waking up to someone else’s schedule and going to work on someone else’s dream. Being stuck in this rut 12 hours a day was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life until I was 65!
I started reading and striving for personal development and, it was at this time, that I started to think differently about being an employee vs. an entrepreneur!
I love helping people, and I will always follow that inspirational passion. But, even with helping people, I still have to make money, I still have bills to pay, and I still have dreams to achieve for myself.
At the end of 2014, I was presented with an opportunity. During the presentation, I was shown a chart that listed the different levels of the company and the average annual earnings. The presenter went on to share that they were making $350,000/year and it took them 3 years to get there. This opportunity would allow me to help others and at the same time build my own business. Sign me up!
I’m not kidding!
I had been working as a physical therapist making great money but I had reached the income cap so, this severely limited my personal, professional, and financial growth opportunities! And, despite that, I was working 12 hours a day at this JOB and was making less than 1/3 that! I’m IN!


I started putting time and effort into my business after my work hours were over and even on weekends. I learned pretty early on that in order to get the pay out I was looking for, I needed to treat this like a business. But the difference between my Business and my JOB was the fact that it could be my 5 year plan instead of my 40 year plan! I liked the 5-year plan better and I knew I could build something AMAZING!
In 2016, I went through some emotional times where I wasn’t able to focus on my work. My husband is in the military and he was being sent on multiple deployments during this time. It was very hard for me to deal with it at that time. But, it was at that time that I realized I still had money coming in from business! It was then that I understood what Residual Income really was!
In June 2017, I retired from my JOB and went full time into my business! It was a scary move, but life is too short to play small!


I am so BLESSED and GRATEFUL for my life! I’m not yet 40, and I’m FREE! I have TIME FREEDOM, a freedom I never thought was possible while I was working the grind at my JOB.
I still work hard but I love what I do more than anything. I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own business and being an entrepreneur for anything else! I’ve replaced my JOB income where I had to trade hours for dollars for a RESIDUAL paycheck that grows bigger each month!
I get to enjoy my life with best friend and love of my life. I am blessed to be able to have my home based business so we can be together when he’s home. We get to enjoy traveling and exploring places all around the world together!


I’m excited for what the future will bring us and my team as we continue to grow and impact the world with greatness.
It’s great to meet you, my new friend! Let me know how I can add value to you or your business!
In Good Health,
Dr. Cori