5 Ways to Detox Your Personal Care Routine

We can get pretty complacent in our daily routines because we find a particular product that we like and use it every day without giving it a second thought. Then you realize you’ve only used it out of habit and it’s not actually doing you any good. We may be comfortable with our routine but it’s important to ask “What am I putting on/in my body?”  Here are five tips to detox your personal care routine and pitch those chemicals out of your home.

Unfortunately many of the personal hygiene and beauty products on the market today contain harmful chemicals. How often do you take inventory of the toxins you regularly put on and in your body?

Applying Mindfulness to Personal Care

You’ve been looking for a way to clean up your personal care routine and you want to embrace the natural and avoid harmful chemicals. There are some perfect solutions out there for you.

Try a Natural Deodorant

There’s a lot of controversy about the potentially harmful effects of antiperspirant ingredients on the body. Many worry that the chemicals and questionable ingredients used in deodorants may absorb into the body through the skin. If you want to avoid these chemical ingredients altogether, try a natural option. When looking for a natural deodorant, look for one that is free of aluminum, parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and natural fragrances or it may be labeled as fragrance.

Ditch the Chemical-Ridden Perfumes

They may smell nice, but many perfume and cologne formulas on the market are full of synthetic chemicals. Instead of inhaling or absorbing these chemicals, swap your pricey perfumes for a naturally uplifting aroma. Essential oils are a great way to sub our those perfumes, get creative and mix your own signature scent!

Try DIY Recipes

A great way to limit toxic load in your hygiene routine is to make your own personal care mixtures at home. Homemade products give you peace of mind about what exactly you are putting on your body. Easy DIY recipes include sugar scrubs, facial masks, soaps, creams, mouth rinses, bath salts, and more.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Because products contain harsh and damaging chemicals are doing that damage to your skin when you use them, choosing natural products that are formulated to support your skin as well as are good for your health is a must. Choose the skin care line that best fits your needs, or mix and match some of them like I do.

Give Your Hair a Break

Between the harsh chemicals in hair products and the relentless damage of coloring, drying, curling, and straightening, sometimes your hair just needs a break. Fortify and smooth your frazzled strands by using a natural hair care routine. It’s important to have a product that helps clean, hydrate, and revitalize your hair. By swapping out your regular hair care products, you can reduce some of the damage done by coloring and styling.
What is one part of your personal care routine that you’d like to detox?

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