5 Things You May Not Have Thought About For Increasing Your Health

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my…. there is a boat load of information floating around on the internet. Isn’t it amazing that we have near instant access to information these days? I think it’s pretty cool. But I also think it can be a tad bit overwhelming. I mean, just telling the difference between good news and bad or fake news can be challenging. Then, we get into all the wonderful help tips, kind of like this one you’re about to read. Some seem so crazy and yet some seem so simple. Which one is best? Honestly, I say just do what feels right for you and build on that each and every day. Learn tips and use them and see how they work for you. Not everything will work for everyone, and it certainly won’t always work the same. Check these things out and see if they stick for you, if not, no biggie, just move on to the next one.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m kind of a list maker. I make lists for all sorts of things. I even make lists for my lists. Are you with me on this? Who’s with me? If you’re not a list maker but you like reading lists, cool, you’ve found a great place to hang out. If not, totally cool, maybe you’ll like what you see and learn something new. It’s always great to learn something new.

What I did was come up with 5 things you may not have thought about that are good for your health. Maybe you did think about it, maybe you’ve heard it before but forgot about it, maybe it’s something you’re doing currently. Who knows … Let’s check it out and see what I’ve come up with and then you can let me know what you feel about them. Sound good?

5 Things You May Not Have Thought About For Increasing Your Health

  1. Tea Soak.   Add 4 cups of chamomile tea and 2 tablespoons of grape seed oil to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. This will help to decrease dry, itchy skin and it will relax your body to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Spice It Up.  Add ginger, garlic, turmeric, curry powder, or chili peppers to food to boost your immune system and increase circulation.
  3. Sweat It Out.  Cooler temperatures in the winter mean you perspire less. The same goes if you live in a dry climate. Spend some time in a sauna to sweat it out to cleanse and detox your body.
  4. Eat Oysters.  They’re high in zinc, one of the strongest immune-boosting sources available.
  5. Find A Mantra.  A simple phrase can remind you to calm down, take a deep breath, and reduce stress. This can be a simple one word mantra such as “Peace” or a phrase such as “Breathe Deep.”


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