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Three Inspiring Stories For Your Soul

Have you ever set out to achieve a goal, doubting yourself along the way, and yet came out at the finish line beyond anything you imagined was possible? These 3 stories I’m going to share with you will open your eyes to hope, possibility, and opportunity. I am sharing them with you with hopes that they would also inspire you! I am sharing them with you because it is my passion to help others, and I’m blessed to be living that passion.

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Your Perfect Stress-Free Thanksgiving

The holidays are quickly approaching. This time of year should bring joy and happiness but all too often we find that it brings stress, anxiety, and bloated tummies! I’m going to share with you some easy things you can do to have a better Thanksgiving, and holiday season. Are you ready for this?

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5 Sources Of Toxins In Your Home You May Not Know About

How would you feel if you could go through your home and know the products you’re using are actually healthy, and not causing damage to you, your family, or your pets? What would that be worth to you? For most people, we have no idea that some of these common products in our homes are truly causing damage. How many of these products could you replace?

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Stay Calm In The Chaos

Do you ever sit back and look at yourself and say “WoW! Who’s that person?” I mean, really looking at yourself and coming up with that. You’ve become this stressed out, tightly wound up person that could be calm one minute and then screaming the next. You’ve become the person with no patience for anything at all. Have you ever felt like that? I’ve felt that way! …. Here’s what I did about it …

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Essential Chicken Salad

When you hear chicken salad do you think of a green salad with chicken … or chopped/shredded chicken with goodies all mixed in? For me, it’s the latter. I’ve always been a bit picky when it comes to a good chicken salad though. The chicken can’t be too chunky and I personally will refuse a chicken salad with onions in it (although you could easily add them to this recipe if you love them, like my weird parents do!). And then, to find a healthy version of this yummy meal was often difficult too. So, low and behold, I’ve put together some magical mastery of this chicken salad.

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What I Learned In Peru

For years I have wanted to travel to Peru. It has been top on my bucket list for travel destinations for as long as I can remember. I would ask friends to go with me but it never worked out that they could. Finally, in February 2016, I decided that I was going on my own. I have never traveled outside of the United States alone. This was a very scary yet empowering decision.