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Self-Care For Entrepreneurs


As a female entrepreneur myself, I am speaking from experience. We are hard on ourselves. Way hard. We put everything in front of us and then, when it comes to our own self-care, we say we’re “too busy.” Now, anyone that knows me knows I hate hearing someone say they’re “too busy” because all that tells me is that they don’t find that whatever they’re “too busy” for is not a priority. Why would I say that? Because we are all given the same number of hours in each day. 24. It doesn’t change. What changes is what we DO with those 24 hours we’re blessed with.

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An Entrepreneurial Success Strategy

What’s holding you back from success? Have you really spent some of your precious time making it a priority? Is time getting away from you? Let’s discuss Time Management. Is it really possible to “manage” time when, in fact, we all have the same amount of time in the day? The answer is NO, you can not “manage” time. So, why the heck does it get labeled as “time management” and why do you get labeled as having good or bad “time management” skills?

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Rescue My Heart!

I want to tell you about my first rescue pup. He’s the cutest, funniest, and craziest ball of fur. He has a personality all to his own. He likes to be independent but yet he’s still drawn to be a complete Momma’s boy! I named him Remmy. But Remmy didn’t come without a story, as most rescue pups do.